Top 10 best zinc rich food to boost your immunity

What is Zinc?

Zinc is mineral, and it is essential trace element. The inclusion of a small amount of zinc in your diet is immensely important to the human body. Zinc is present in many natural food items, both vegetarian an non-vegetarian. Zinc is the mineral which is essential for a healthier lifestyle. Zinc is found in the each and every cell of human body. Zinc deficiency is frequently occurred worldwide but is rare in USA. 

Why is zinc required to human body?

Mineral zinc contributes in many important processes of the human body. Zinc helps in boosting and maintaining your immune system, repairing tissues, it also contributes in cell division, cell growth, wound healing, thyroid function. 

Top 10 benefits of having stronger immunity

1. Enhances athletic performance.

2. Lower chances of getting infected by diseases.

3. Increases energy. 

4. Helps you recover surgeries. 

5. Improves digestion.

6. Stronger immunity fights your fatigue. 

7. Makes you agile. 

8. Faster detection of disease.

9. Promotes healthy sleep.

10. Prevents you from affecting through seasonal changes. 

Top 10 benefits of consuming zinc rich food 

1. Consuming zinc rich food helps you synthesise your DNA.

2. It boosts up and maintain your immunity.

3. It reduces inflammation.

4. Zinc can help you develop your eye condition. 

5. Zinc helps promote a healthy skin.

6. Zinc also prevents occurring of sudden diarrhoea.

7. Helps in treating acne.

8. Consuming zinc by mouth improves symptoms of Acrodermatitis Enteropathica.

9. People who consume recommended portion of zinc regularly are seem to have a low risk of age related loses. 

10. Consumption of zinc reduces blood sugar.

Top 10 zinc rich food to boost up immunity 

● Seeds 

Seeds are usually underrated but they are healthy addition to your diet and can increase your zinc intake. Consumption of pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, watermelon seeds is 

● Dairy 

Dairy food like curd, milk provide host of nutrients, along with that dairy is the only vegetarian source of vitamin D. Milk and cheese are highly recommended inclusions to your diet as they contain high amount of bioavailable zinc. Dairy food is beneficial for improving bone strength as well. Women with 35+ age should compulsorily include milk to their diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

● Legumes 

Legumes are low at fats and also have low calories consumption of legumes like chickpeas, beans, lentils are highly recommended. Legumes do contain phytates. Legumes are important source of zinc for vegetarian and vegan people. However, heating, sprouting, soaking and fermenting increases its nutritional value and experts suggests to intake legumes after processing them.

● Dark chocolate 

Yes! A dark chocolate. It does contain needful amount of zinc. Including dark chocolate to your diet could be a smart decision as it contains 30% of zinc. So, a small portion of dark chocolate could be thumbs up. 

● Nuts 

Consumption of nuts like Cashews, almonds, pine nuts, peanuts in the morning is suggested. Many people around the world seem to intake nuts daily, which is a good habit. But one should monitor the numbers of each nut as well. Over doing nuts is could lead to consequences. Nuts reduces the risk for heart diseases. Nuts are zinc rich food, and one who consumes nuts may live a longer life than the one who doesn’t consume. 

● Vegetables

To be honest, fresh vegetables are poor source of zinc, but if your food habits are vegetarian then you should include zinc to your diet. Because apart from meeting the zinc requirements it contributes to provide your body with a sufficient amount of fibre.

● Whole grains

Whole grains namely oats, rice, quinoa contain a moderate amount of zinc. However, whole grains also contain important nutrients like fibre, vitamin B. Also, including whole grains to your diet reduces the risk of obesity and it meets a huge amount of need of other nutritious values.

● Shellfish

Shellfish is another source of zinc which contains low calorie. And Shellfish are much healthier. But is has a higher risk of food poisoning, any one who consumes it should make sure that it is completely cooked. Shellfish like oysters, crab, mussels and shrimp contributes to your daily need of zinc.

● Meat

Meat carries most amount of zinc. Specially red meat is best source of meat. Also non vegetarian food items like lamb, pork, beef has a ample amount of zinc. Consumption of unprocessed red meat is highly recommended. If ever you consumed processed meat, then make sure the portion you intake is quiet smaller.

● Eggs

Eggs isn’t a huge source of zinc, rather it is a moderate source. But one can consume 2 boiled eggs in a day to meet their daily need of zinc. One egg contains 77 calories and 6 grams protein an 5% of zinc. Eggs are also a huge source of choline. 

How much zinc should a human body consume in a day?

Since, a human body can neither store nor produce zinc, a regular intake of zinc is very necessary. The amount of zinc intake varies from person to person, but experts suggests that one should not consume more than 40gm of zinc in a day. It is recommended that a pregnant lady and breastfeeding woman should consume 11 or 12gm of zinc. However, adult man can consume 11gm and adult woman can consume 8gm of zinc each day. Also, consuming zinc supplements is not really recommended. 

On a concluding note, zinc has a lot that a human body needs to run a longer run. Failing at consumption of zinc rich food may lead to consequences.

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