21 Benefits of naked yoga you need to know

What is Yoga?

The term yoga is derived from a sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means ‘to join’. Practicing yoga brings peace to mind and it also indicates harmony between human, mind and nature. It is said that the one who manifests and meditations appropriately impresses the universe in multiple ways, and yoga helps to do so! Yoga is usually practiced because it is known to cure a lot of health issues, but apart from that the freshness and the relief yoga provides – takes you into another world of peace. Yoga detaches you from your body and attaches you to your soul.

History of Yoga

Yoga has its origin thousands of year ago now. It has been popularly practiced from the dawn of civilization. Yoga was first introduced by Swami Vivekanand in 20th century. Tirumalai krishnamacharya is known as Father Of Yoga, as he was successful at taking the legacy. 

Yoga being originated in India earns a lot of popularity on a global level till today. Yoga is the most ancient practice and was invented before even the ideas of religion and caste were invented. Moreover, yoga focuses on the science of breathing and body positivity.

In current times, that is in the 21st century Ramdev Baba has made sure that everyone in India is aware about the gift to mankind which India gave to the world is protected, practiced and promoted. Even Ramdev Baba practices semi-naked yoga.

Naked Yoga

Naked yoga is also known as vivastra yoga and has been practiced since ancient times as a spiritual practice, ancient Greek geographer Strabo has mentioned in Bhagavata Purana. Since the practice of nudity is common in digambara jains, sadhus and other spiritual souls in the community, and that is why naked yoga also has a spiritual belief of existence. Naked yoga also has a ancient history, but people took time in accepting and understanding the concept behind practicing yoga naked. 

Yoga or Naked Yoga

Yoga gives you physical benefits but, naked yoga is surely much more than just physical benefit. Naked yoga promotes the sense of acceptance and self love. It provides you a complete escape from the binary of perfection of the body. Naked yoga provides you physically, mental, psychological and spiritual escape. 

One can feel the refreshment received from naked yoga directly on their own skin. Naked yoga is one of the 13 activities which you can practice in public legally while being nude. Naked yoga helps you focus on only and only on the posture. Practitioners often say that after a time you forget that you are naked and surrounded by people, you are just in your own world attached to yourself. Naked yoga is not only subjected to being nude, but it helps you heal yourself, devote yourself and love your body. Body image issues are real, and it is actually a need of time, and make people fall in love with own self. Naked yoga is nothing but an escape from a chaotic world.

21 Benefits of naked yoga you need to know-

● One feels more connected with own self.

● While practicing, the body doesn’t have any clothing, and that’s why it prevents you from distraction.

● It harmonises your mind and body in a peaceful way.

● Naked yoga promotes the idea of self love. 

● It teaches to accept oneself.

● Naked yoga allows one to feel the refreshment directly on the skin.

● Naked yoga allows one to posture very precisely.

● Nudity is no more a norm just because of the idea of naked yoga.

● Naked yoga improves the endocrine system and immunity.

● Naked yoga helps in curing stress and anxiety.

● It provides psychological freedom which is most needed.

● Naked yoga improves blood flow.

● Naked yoga emphasises sexual awareness.

● Boosts up your confidence.

● Abolishes your hesitation. 

● Boosts self esteem.

● Provides a sense of sensuality.

● Helps you escape your comfort zone.

● Challenges you to accept yourself.

● Brings abundant positivity. 

● Brings you closer to yourself.

● Peace is the priority and naked yoga fulfils it.

● Countries where naked yoga is practiced –

In the 21st century the practice of naked yoga has gained much more popularity. In the initial stage of the modern age, naked yoga was practiced in the countries like Germany, Switzerland. Currently, in the countries like Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Canada, India there are proper studios provided which assure efficient practicing. In India there are retreats which practice and promote naked yoga. Public figures namely Kim Kardashian, Meghan Fox and Jennifer Aniston have been practicing naked yoga for years now. Gradually, the idea of practicing yoga naked is fascinating a larger crowd, many people seem to follow and promote the same. 

Yoga celebrates each body the way it is, and practicing naked yoga helps you accept yourself the way you are.

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