Green tea benefits for weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, the most recommended diets always include the intake of green tea.

Green tea has numerous health benefits along with its magnificent role in weight loss. It has a lot of antioxidants and nutrients which helps not only to lose body weight but also for maintaining an inner balance of the body..

Exercise along with a proper diet surely is effective for losing weight. A low-carb diet and exercise improves metabolism and plays a vital role in your fitness, but the usage of natural weight loss stimulators makes it even more effective and efficient.

What exactly is green tea?

Green tea is a type of tea, just like black tea and other tea, which is made from Camellia sinensis leaves. It is produced in vast quantities in East Asia, but it first originated in China.

Green tea has Polyphenols, kaempferol, quercetin and myricetin. It lowers the risks of cardiovascular diseases and cancer, which we will mention later.

Some reviews state that green tea decreases the blood concentration of total cholesterol. It also lowers fasting blood sugar as mentioned in Wikipedia.

(*however excessive consumption of green tea may lead to liver toxicity*)

Green tea is produced mainly during April to August. Then they are sun dried or oven dried and then stored in a low humidity refrigerator. They don’t undergo, oxidation process, unlike other tea and black tea, and therefore said to be more healthier. The antioxidants protect our cells from free radicals and prevent certain diseases.

Polyphenols, which are the antioxidants of green tea help reduce body weight, by stimulating fat breakdown and reducing calorie intake.

Green tea benefits are vast in number.

Here are some :-

  • It has caffeine which burns fat effectively and improves exercise performance.
  • It has very less calories, thus can easily be included in our diets, such as before breakfast or as a replacement to evening snacks.
  • It boosts metabolism and lowers blood sugar by improving insulin activity.
  • The catechins burn fat and that is the key to lose body weight.
  • It improves brain function. Because, it needs oxygen and nutrients too. And it protects our brain from ageing.
  • It is said to reduce bad breath, due to its strong aroma.
  • It has theanine, which is helpful to relieve stress and provides a calming effect.
  • It was used as a medicine in ancient China.
  • It prevents breast, bladder, ovarian, lung, prostate, skin and stomach cancer.
  • The polyphenols fight the cancer cells and prevent their division.
  • It reduces stroke risk as mentioned by a study in the journal, Stroke: journal of the American Heart Association.
  • It prevents type 2 diabetes.
  • It is somewhat used in treating skin diseases such as psoriasis and dandruff.
  • It improves memory power and lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • It works good for arthritis, fatigue and stress too.

How to take green tea and when?

Green tea benefits

Some studies say that it is best if green tea is taken between meals.

Intake of green tea in the morning enhances focus and concentration and improves memory power. Green tea can also be taken before workout. It boosts burning of fat by 17% and helps you in achieving your fitness goal.

Green tea shouldn’t be taken at night as it may disturb your sleep due to the caffeine it contains. And may leave you irritated.

Remember a proper and minimum 8 hours of sleep also affects weight loss.

Improper sleep routine results in weight gain.

Also avoid taking green tea along with your meals.

Now let’s see the recipe or procedure of preparing green tea for weight loss :-

 Pick a good brand of green tea, because the quality of the tea leaves may differ from brand to brand. You can take either hot green tea or iced green tea. But, for better results take it hot.

Prefer the loose leaves of green tea rather than those tea bags. The tea bag reduces the essence of green tea and doesn’t provide that efficiency.

Put a pan and heat the water. Just before it starts to take a boil, pour it over the tea leaves and let it brew for 3-4 minutes. All the essence and nutrients will be now dissolved in the period within this period of time.

Now strain it and enjoy your cup of green tea.

You can take upto 3-5 cups of green tea daily.

However, over consumption of anything can be harmful.

Other than this you can make a green tea and avocado smoothie. Take 2-3 tablespoon of green tea, half avocado, a banana and hot water. Blend them and enjoy your smoothie as breakfast.

You can also brew green tea with ginger.

Or you can brew it and add lemon and honey for a better taste. It not only improves the taste but also has its own health benefits.

Hope this article helped you and gave you all the necessary information about green tea and its benefits in weight loss. Thank you for reading.

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