5 Best exercise to gain muscle

In today’s fast life, people are not able to pay much attention to their body and if people like to pay attention to their body, then they like to go to gym but today we will tell you that the best exercise to gain muscle and benefits of taking good diet.

Today, people start taking such medicines in the process of muscle building, which are undetectable and the medicines do not cause any harm to those who have no side effects, not immediately, but later. So today we are going to tell you about the best exercise and good diet to increase muscle mass, so let’s see:

Work out :

Exercise is very important in today’s life, people are effective in breaking the biggest diseases by exercising today, how do we benefit you from this exercise today? State this:

Walk :

The best and first way to build a body at home is to walk and run. You can roam and run anywhere in the roof, garden, park of your house.

Walking and running makes you active as well as makes muscles strong.

Skipping (Rope Jumping):

Skipping is the only exercise that can be activated immediately in a body part, while skipping, work together in hands, feet, paws, shoulders thai and many other things, you can do it easily at home.

Reducing fat reduces fat. Hands and shoulders become stronger.


The name Crunchies is a bit new so today we show you how to crunch.

First, lie straight, then your legs should be straight on the ground by turning your hands behind your head and knees, now you get up with the help of a shot.

Take care not to pull your neck or head while crunching. Crunching strengthens muscles.Initially do it at least 5 times 10 times and then gradually increase its number.

Eating crunchy benefits the stomach muscles. It works for making apps

Push Ups:

This is a very popular exercise, this exercise is also difficult, so you minimize it in your exercise and carry it forward.

Push ups bring energy to the body. Strengthens shoulders, waist, count and chest. Triceps and biceps are increased.


It is an exercise like pushup, it is also a very hard exercise and it also works well in the body. You can also do dips easily by taking the support of chair, table, wall, boundary.

Helps strengthen biceps and biceps.


It is everyone’s favorite workout and is very effective for the feet, it is beneficial for the body as well as the environment.

Along with body fitness, diabetes, cancer, obesity help in reducing heart diseases.

The legs have strong solar energy.

Diet :

Along with exercise, a good diet is also very important to build a muscular body, so let’s see how we should eat along with exercise.


If you exercise, you will also need calories, but consume calories, but remember to take only as many calories as you need.

Calorie is helpful in weight gain as well as body building.


Protein is important to build muscle in the form of calories, so take time to take protein so that it takes protein equivalent to protein.

Protein is well found in milk, green leafy vegetables, pulses, eggs, fish etc. Protein is found in abundance in all these.

Not only does this muscle become a body, but it is also very good for everyday immunity.

Protein makes the muscles strong and also helps in weight gain.

Carbs (food):

Carbs are also very essential for our food, it is found in plenty in banana, guava, figs, sugar, sugar beet sugarcane, dates etc.

Helps in workout. Carbs stimulate muscles and help in weight gain.

Precautions :

If you are exercising without an exercise (health) specialist, then you need to keep a few things in mind.

Along with exercising, we also need to know some of their information.

Along with exercising, rest is also very important, if you exercise too much then you get a lot of sleep.

Make a worm before exercising and then cooling it reduces the chances of strain and sprain in your body.

Never exercise on an empty stomach or a full stomach after a meal. It is harmful for you to consume something like milk or juice before exercising.

Diet is also necessary for the muscles of the body, because the body becomes weak by not taking food.

Start with light exercise and increase it slowly. Do not exercise too much in the beginning.

Take special care of the weather, if cold is more then exercise at home is better, if the air quality is not good then keep running and avoid cycling.

Now you will know how to gain muscle? There is a lot of exercise and good diet that you can easily do for good muscles.

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